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Classification of the Mechanical Seal
Classification of the mechanical seal 
By rotation or suspension spring element can be divided into: built within the stream rotary mechanical seal unbalanced single seal,
referred rotary; flow stoppage style exterior balanced single seal, referred to abort type. 
By static ring sealed end mechanical seal located inside or outside surface can be divided into: built-in and external mounted. 
Media leaks by sealing direction can be divided into: the loss of the type and outflow. 
Led by media at the end face mechanical seal pumps unload cases can be divided into: balanced and unbalanced. 
According to the number of the seal faces can be divided into: single face and double face. 
By the number of springs can be divided into: single-and multi-spring spring. 
By elastic element classification: spring and bellows-style austerity. 
Non-touch mechanical seal Planning Category: hydrostatic type, hydrodynamic type, dry gas seal type. 
Press the sealed chamber temperature classification: high, medium, general, low seal. 
Press the seal chamber pressure are: high, high, medium and low pressure mechanical seals