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Mechanical Seal Strengths
Mechanical seal strengths 
I. securely sealed, leak will not leak or rarely use the longer period. Cleaning mechanical seal knowledge, no dead ends,
to avoid bacterial contamination. 

Two. Use of long-life, the correct selection of the conflict load than the pressure mechanical seal may use 2 to 5 years,
the longest helpful to 9 years. 

Three. Long repair cycle, in the case of normal operation and does not require repair. 

Four. Shaft or sleeve from wear. 

V. conflict consuming less power, typically about stuffing seal 10 to 50% 

VI. Mechanical shaft seals for accuracy and finish needs no stuffing so severely, engineering mechanical seals
for rotating shafts and shaft runout
insensitive to skew shell holes on the sensational axis sensitivity is small. 

VII. Broad scope, can be used for low temperature, high temperature, high vacuum, high pressure, speed and
variety of corrosive, abrasive, flammable,
explosive, toxic sealing medium.