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Product name : Guide Ring / Guide Strip
Item : Guide Ring
keyword : Guide Ring / Guide Strip
Feature : Guide Ring / Guide Strip
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gaskets, guide strips 
Guide ring, also called the support ring, a cylinder or a hydraulic cylinder for the piston or the piston rod or the piston rod
movement of the supporting parts, which can prevent the movement of the piston or the piston rod of the cylinder occurs
during direct contact and friction, or protect the cylinder and the piston rod is not spoiled effect. The material used for the
guide ring polyoxymethylene (POM). 
Material Properties 
Bakelite is a hard and brittle thermosetting plastic, commonly known as bakelite high mechanical strength, tough abrasion
resistance, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties. Suitable for the production
of electrical insulation body parts, instruments, and can be hot and humid use formability conditions

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